Diet and exercise are the most natural ways of body contouring. Unfortunately, some areas of our body are often very stubborn in response to dieting and even vigorous exercise. The most common areas of “resistant” fat deposits are: lower belly, hips, and lover back (“love handles”). For a long time, surgery and liposuction were the only available options for body contouring. Unfortunately, there are multiple serious complications associated with any surgical procedure including bleeding, scarring, infection, and deformities. There is also a substential recovery period associated with these procedures. The good news is that there are less invasive and still very effective treatments available for body contouring today. These procedures are simple, non-invasive, do not require anesthesia or any recovery. Treatment options include:

  • Cavi-Lipo uses a revolutionary Ultrasonic Cavitation technology that utilizes gentle focused ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells permanently but leaves remaining body tissue unharmed
  • Lipodissolve-includes a series of microinjections of homeopathic solutions, helping to break down the fat
  • Kybella is a similar to Lipodissolve, FDA approved medication used specifically for double chin reduction

Each body contouring treatment should be carefully tailored for your specific needs. Several sessions may be required. We will help you to decide which body contouring procedure is right for you. Call us to arrange your complimentary consultation.

Before Juvederm Treatment.


After Juvederm Treatment.


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